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Does your residence or business need a Tulsa Toilet Repair or installation service? Sokt Plumbing offers a 24-hour, seven days a week, Tulsa Toilet Repair service to get your bathroom running in proper order.

 Tulsa Toilet Repair Services 


Sokt’s certified technicians are experts in installation and repair services to all kinds of toilets. We understand that having a leaking toilet is something no one wants to deal with. This is why we offer a 24/7 emergency plumbing service to get this problem solved as quickly as possible. No matter the type of toilet, or the cause of the leak, we will fix it in a timely manner. 

Tulsa Toilet Repair Leak Causes 

 Tulsa Toilet Repair

There are quite a few things that can cause a toilet to leak, besides the obvious cracks in the tank and poor connections. Here is a list of the more unthought of reasons: 


  • Leaking Supply Line – A faulty supply line will cause the toilet to leak as joints in the supply line become loose or wear out. Typically, a rubber lining is used to guard against leakage but may wear out or rupture. Mechanical damage to the supply line can also cause leaking. 
  • Stuck Flapper – A stuck flapper can cause huge amounts of water loss. Usually, this is caused by the flush handle getting stuck in the down position. While stuck, the fill valve continues to supply the toilet tank with water, leading to massive overflow. 
  • Warped Flapper – With age, the flapper will get worn out with mineral build up. Water authorities constantly add chemicals to the water to purify it, which subsequently causes the flapper to gradually wear away. Water loss is dependent on the extent to which the flapper is worn out. 
  • Faulty Fill Valve – Like the Flapper, it wears down with time and the accumulation of mineral deposits and becomes less effective. In certain occasions it may fail to shut off completely, leading to a toilet leak. 
  • Faulty Float – The float is a hollow ball that floats on the water surface in the tank. When cracked or improperly aligned, it causes the fill valve to run continuously, causing a leak.

Sokt Plumbing Tulsa Toilet Repair 


One of the many great services provided by Sokt Plumbing, is that our service technicians are supported with vehicles that are stocked with supplies and equipment that are required to fix most plumbing problems on the spot, no matter the time. We are the top 24/7 emergency Tulsa Toilet Repair service. 

Our goal is to assist you by solving your plumbing issues efficiently, so that you are able to work or relax at home without any significant delay. We offer competitive pricing within the Tulsa area and provide work that comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. 


For more information on the Tulsa Toilet Repair process, or to get a free estimate, contact Sokt Plumbing here.