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Is your residence or business noticeably suffering from a water leak, or have you noticed signs of a water leak?  No need to fret, Sokt Plumbing offers a 24-hour, seven days a week, Tulsa Leak Repair service to get your property back in working order. 

Tulsa Leak Repair Detection 


Not all water leaks are easily seen, heard or felt. The obvious detections are visual busted pipes and water drips, constant sound of water flow, and a decreased water pressure. But as for the hard to detect sign, they go as follows: 


Tulsa Leak Repair

  • Musty Odors – Water or moisture creates a musty smell when absorbed into building materials like drywall, wood and flooring.  When wateror moister sits in certain environments, mold is created and caused that musty smell.  If the smell is coming from a certain area or room, that is where the leak is located. 
  • Visible Stains – When water is absorbed, as mentioned above, the drywall will show a noticeable stain.  If that stain continues to grow, that usually means there is a present leak in that area that needs to be addressed. 
  • Paint or Wallpaper Peeling – If you are noticing paint or wallpaper pulling away from the wall, that typically means to much moister has been absorbed in that area. 
  • Warping Walls – When drywall absorbs too much water, it will bend and curve, causes the wall to warp.  If you have warping walls, this is a clear indication of a water leak. 
  • Stained or Buckled Ceilings and Floors – If the drywall has absorbed too much water or moisture, it can affect the ceilings and floors.  Check your floors and ceilings for signs of stains and buckling and if you notice a problem, check the nearby walls for signs of water damage. 

Sokt Plumbing Tulsa Leak Repair 


One of the many great services provided by  Sokt Plumbing, is that our service technicians are supported with vehicles that are stocked with supplies and equipment that are required to fix most plumbing problems on the spot, no matter the time. We are the top 24/7 emergency Tulsa Leak Repair plumbing service. 

Our goal to assist you by solving your plumbing issues efficiently so that you are able to work or relax at home without any significant delay. We offer competitive pricing within the Tulsa area and provide work that comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. 


For more information on the Tulsa Leak Repair process, or to get a free estimate, contact Sokt Plumbing here.